Badminton Club

Badminton is one of the fastest growing sports in the country.  With few barriers to participation, badminton is a great activity for students to take part in. 

On court

Saints Badminton caters for all playing standards and goals; the club’s recreational sessions are designed for those who want to play socially as a way to meet new people and increase their fitness, whilst the BUCS teams serve more experienced players wanting to compete and provide dedicated training sessions and access to league fixtures.

The Development Squad offers a stepping stone for players to develop their skills and progress to competition, but without the commitment required from BUCS team members.

The club also runs several internal tournaments, giving both members and non-members the opportunity to compete, interact with a wide variety of players and raise money for the club’s chosen charity SANE.

Off court

Off the court, the Badminton Club enjoys an active social scene, hosting a wide variety of events such as themed nights, club brunches and beach games. Towards the end of each semester the club holds a celebratory dinner to recognise player successes.

Community Engagement

Over the last few years, the Badminton Club has developed links within the local community by providing voluntary coaching opportunities for club members to participate in.

Volunteers from the club offer their time to deliver sessions to children and young people in local schools or at the University Sports Centre, and through these programmes gain valuable coaching experience.

The club’s charity tournaments often attract members from the local St Andrews area, which helps to strengthen the relationship between the student club and the wider badminton community.

Badminton Scotland Silver Shuttlemark Award

St Andrews was the first university to achieve Bronze and Silver Shuttlemark Awards from BadmintonScotland – a scheme that was introduced to recognise volunteers within clubs striving to increase participation, develop coaches, volunteers and a workforce for the future.

Through their engagement with BadmintonScotland, the Badminton Club now have access to a variety of additional resources and opportunities which help St Andrews give back to the wider badminton community. Two students were recently given the opportunity to present at the Students Forum of the Scottish Open, helping other university badminton clubs to achieve their potential.

Charity Fundraising


The Badminton Club have been supporting SANE for the past two years – a mental health charity providing support, resources and information for those in need.

Through their biannual handicap tournaments, the club are able to raise funds to support a great cause, whilst providing a great opportunity for players to join together and challenge themselves in a different environment.

Campaigns and local charity work

The Rainbow Shuttle campaign is another initiative run by the club to support LGBT+, SANE and sustainability; old shuttles and used to make key-rings.

Beyond the club, Saints Badminton are proud to support Athletic Union and University-wide charity campaigns, including Balance for Better, Rag Week, Purple Friday, the Ninewell’s Gift Drive and local charities such as St. Can-drews.

In recognition of their charity fundraising efforts and community engagement activity, the Badminton Club were shortlisted for the University’s Volunteering Club of the Award for academic year 2019-2020.

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