The Badminton Club offers a variety of training opportunities to cater for members of all abilities and aspiration.

The BUCS squad is coached twice a week by Dan Travers, former President and Head Coach of Badminton Scotland. Sessions feature technical practices, drills and tactical play to prepare players for matches and competitions.

The DABA squad is coached every fortnight by Bill Hogg, the Coaching and Development Manager at Badminton Scotland. Focusing on shot development, positioning and tactics, the goal of these sessions is to develop player confidence and improve match success.

The club also provides support to members of the club seeking to gain their own coaching qualifications and the University provides subsidies towards the cost of coaching courses each year. Students are encouraged to get involved with coaching and the club regularly connects volunteers with local primary and secondary schools, allowing players the opportunity to develop confidence and their coaching style. 

Weekly training schedule

Day Time Session
Monday 06:30-09:00 BUCS team training
Tuesday 21:00-22:30 Recreational badminton
Wednesday 15:00-18:00 BUCS team training
Thursday 06:30-09:00 BUCS team training
Friday 16:30-19:00 Recreational badminton
Saturday 14:30-17:30 BUCS matches
Saturday 19:00-21:00 DABA squad training
Sunday 13:00-14:00 Fitness session

Session descriptions

Team-only training sessions and match play, featuring skill based and tactical drills – some sessions will be split further
Opportunity to play, meet new people and develop skills – open to all
DABA-only training session and match play, to improve tactics and skill
Opportunity to improve strength, stamina and agility – open to all

For more information about session locations, match times and which sessions are right for you, please email

Coaching staff

Dan Travers

Dan Travers is one of Scotland’s most experienced coaches, and a former Head Coach and President of Badminton Scotland. As a player, Dan won Badminton Doubles gold at the 1986 Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh with Billy Gilliland, and numerous titles including gold medals at the World and European senior championships.

Bill Hogg

Bill Hogg is currently the Coaching and Development Manager at Badminton Scotland, and has been involved with both local clubs and big badminton brands throughout his career. He is keen to pass on his passion for the sport and comes fortnightly to St Andrews to coach the DABA squad.  

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